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Welcome to, your online freight load board... It is 100% FREE!!! Whether you are a shipper, broker or carrier, is a perfect load matching platform to find thousands of loads and trucks online. Get real truck loads and equipment that match your immediate needs.

Sign up to find loads or trucks and expand your freight business by making huge profits without making any expensive phone calls. You don't need to fax any documents and there is absolutely no need to pay heavy brokerage for forwarding your freight. Just find everything online that you need. Get real information in the real time and use the info wherever you are. offers fast, reliable and flexible truck load services and our unique feedback system allows shippers, carriers and brokers to post their feedback on the website.  On, what you see is what you get, so you can make use of the information available and make the right decision.

The cutting edge technology helps us provide you the most reliable service and help you save time, money and effort and maximize your returns. It is absolutely FREE to register and take advantage of the unlimited features of our online freight load board.

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Building a Great Fleet Brand ensures Long-Term Rewards

The trucking industry is flourishing and this has resulted in the growth of many small carriers both in terms of size and volume. Therefore, those carriers with one or two trucks have a fleet of different size trucks. This calls for the need to be visible and be different from other big trucking companies. Therefore, a brand name is what can distinguish one carrier’s business from another and give recognition to the company. When it comes to fleet branding, there are several points needed to be considered:

Professional Look

Having a brand name both on the trucks or trailers as well as the name on the driver’s shirts etc., creates a winning impression in the mind of shippers and brokers. They feel that the carrier company they are going to work with is professional and well established. People remember a brand name easier than the carrier information or personal information. When they tell about a brand name to someone, the fleet brand gets established in the market and the word-of-mouth can help enhance the reputation.


When a carrier has a brand name, it is easier to recognize and spot the fleet brand. The brand name includes the logo as well as the color of the vehicle or shirt of the driver. The entire image is etched in the mind of people and it is easier to recognize. For instance, the UPS vans and Fedex Vehicles are easy to recognize and people know by the color also and can connect instantly. It is difficult to register a normal delivery vehicle without any color or logo. However, a color coded vehicle with vibrant graphic designs can be a head turner. Therefore, choose a name and color scheme in such a manner that it is in the mind of people and your brand gets instant visibility.

Match with your Business Mission

The brand name for your fleet should coincide with the overall mission of your business as well as match the promotional materials of the company. If your corporate office has a different logo with different color scheme and the fleet has different logo, it will create confusion in the minds of people. Therefore, the fleet brand should be synchronized with the company brand name.

Remember, your fleet brand name serves as your business card for all the prospective customers who give a first glance at your trucks. Therefore, having a consistent brand not only brings unity and professional look but also help attract new customers and retain them. So, a distinct and a catchy brand name go a long way in growing your business.

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Trucking Advice: Replace Fax Machine with Online Load Boards

Oftentimes, the carriers as well as shippers need to keep sending documents to each other. They often use the fax machines to fax over important documents. Most of the truckers hate the unnecessary paperwork and want to avoid faxing the documents and make those expensive calls. Sometimes, due to technical difficulties the process of fax communication is delayed and the delay results in a huge loss. This can be avoided by taking advantage of online services like e-signatures. Most of the banks allow customers to file the paperwork online and allow for e-signatures. Similarly, carriers companies, shippers and brokers can take advantage of online load boards.

Use Speedy Communication

In order to leverage the growth in the transportation sector, it is important to employ the technology that ensures speedy communication with carriers. The speed in the communication process will ensure the significant cost savings. The trucking companies with high growth potential should take advantage of on boarding tool and eliminate the need for negotiations, time consuming phone calls as well as faxes. Therefore, they need to share the information online with carriers so that the real time communication happens. Those companies that use electronic media to conduct their business prefer online load boards for getting more customers on boarded rather than offline handling. Online load boards provide secure online communication between the shippers and carriers.

Advantages to Shippers

If you are a shipper and want to expedite the communication as well as shipping process, onboard tools such as online load boards can help you get connected with truckers in real time. Truck Hive is a free load board that allows direct shippers to negotiate the price online without having to call. For shippers it is important to know about the track record of a particular carrier. Therefore, the documents uploaded by carriers such as cargo insurance, MC authority, Licenses and certifications etc. can instantly be checked online. By using online load boards, you can track your shipment without making any phone call.

Advantages to Carriers

When a broker or shipper sends the load agreement, trucker or carriers need to sign the document and send it back to the broker/shipper. However, sending the documents via fax is a cumbersome process, as the papers are lost or due to the faulty phone lines, the papers are not received by the receiver. With the help of online load boards, brokers can upload load agreements that can be signed by carriers online, and they enter into the contract.

With Truck Hive, it is easier to send and retrieve the information in real time without having to use the manual ways to send and receive documents.

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How Logistic Companies Can Stay Connected With Their Clients

In a trucking business, it is important to find and target the shippers that can propel your business growth. However, finding and working with a particular group of shippers who can provide a regular business alone is not sufficient. It is important to keep this group of shippers satisfied and loyal by listening to them and constantly engaging with your customers. For a logistics company, it is essential to connect with the current and prospective clients either through online media or offline services. There are several ways to communicate with your customers and add value to your business.

Harness Social Media 

Today, social media or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the best channels to connect with current and future clients. You can create a buzz by sending out a word in social media and target the new clients. You can look at the posts updated by the shippers as well as brokers. At the same time, you can educate your current clients and help them track their shipments. This way, your business and services will be in the mind of your clients. For Logistic Companies, it is important to engage in conversation with the clients by joining logistics-related communities and taking part in online social forums.

Create Professional Blogs

These days starting a weblog or a professional blog is not a luxury, but it is a business imperative. Blogging is a means to educate the current and potential clients on various topics related to logistics and trucking business and distributing appropriate content that clients may be interested in. Blogging also enables customers to leave the comments and empowers the logistic business to respond to the comments and queries left by the customers. Therefore, this is a quick way to resolve any issues or concerns related to logistics business.

Upload your Videos on YouTube

For logistic companies, that do not have a professional blog or apart from the blog, they want to attract more customers on their list and want to connect with their clients via multiple channels, youtube has emerged as the new marketing medium. Whether you want to upload videos related to your business to be shown to your potential clients, or you want to present commercial ads and presentation, having a dedicated YouTubechannel is the best medium to share the focused and highly targeted information with clients as well as prospects.

Provide Email Response

It is important to connect with your clients via email and answer any queries and comments instantly. Rather than calling clients or requiring your clients call you for shipment tracking or any other concern, an email response is the better way to be engaged with the client.





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